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Vincent Jim Giovinazzo | Transferring Abilities from One Sector to the Upcoming

Many careers and ability sets opens he door for a wide wide range of potential work possibilities in a variety of sectors. It makes the exchange from one sector to the next all the more simple when the time comes to move up one’s profession, and is a testimony to the versatility and flexibility of many experts. Vincent Jim Giovinazzo, former Broker understands this feeling all too well- once a high flying Wall Street agent, he know plies his trade operating in the interesting tech market operating with start-ups and other interesting digital trends. For Vincent Jim Giovinazzo, the change has offered many amazing insights, and has permitted him to adjust his sills to best offer out his new company passions. Vincent James Giovinazzo identifies that both the industries he has worked in are both hugely sales related- but in different ways. In the finance industry, especially working in the battlefield that is Wall Street, it is all about selling yourself- as the competent and forward-thin…